Welcome to Staffordshire ECU remapping, we are a Staffordshire /Shropshire based remap and tuning specialist, we are proud to offer a wide range of services including mobile remapping using only the highest quality and genuine licensed tools & equipment, general diagnostic code reading, Live Dyno runs & Logging. Our remaps will transform your vehicle, offering more power, more torque, improved throttle response, better drive-ability and mpg improvement.


So why should you choose us to remap your car?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
5* Reviews.
Latest and safest methods and equipment used.
Friendly and Helpful Service.
Full Vehicle Health Check.
Fully mobile service available.
Mobile Dyno Print outs.

Remapping is, in layman’s terms a process by which we reprogram the Engine Control Unit (or the brain) of your vehicle to give more power, better fuel efficiency or a mix of both. In the past, in order to do this, it was necessary to solder an ‘EEprom chip’ on to the car (chipping) but advances in technology mean that in most cases we can now do the same job simply by connecting to the car’s On Board Diagnostics port, Before we carry out this procedure, we will do a full diagnostics check and set parameters will be logged and compared to make sure there is no underlying issues before applying the tuned remap calibration.

When a manufacturer releases a new model of car, they often sell it with a number of different power options. These models usually use the same basic engine with different engine maps. When we remap the car, we are simply removing certain limits and fine tuning various parameters to allow the engine to perform to its maximum potential.

With one of our ECU remaps you can expect average gains of up to 40% more power and up to 20% more fuel efficient this is dependent on make/model