Insoric Dyno


Insoric is the mobile and forward-looking system for performance measurement on engines. Using an innovative measurement procedure, it records the performance in a surprisingly simple way: precisely and understandably, without the user needing any special knowledge in advance.

  • High precision, innovative sensor technology: the Insoric RealPower-measurement module
  • The measurements are carried out without any complicated cabling and completely without an electrical interface
  • Flexible to use: measurements can be carried out practically anywhere and at any time
  • The measurement takes place in the effective vehicle environment, i.e. during a measurement run on a road
  • Made in Switzerland: development, production and distribution take place in and from Switzerland
  • Conclusion: highly reliable, precise, understandable and comparable measurements based on the actual conditions
  • We can measure any vehicle weather its auto / quattro / 4×4
  • State of the art measuring system with a before and after print out available